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Low-Stress, Humane Dog Fence Training

GentleSteps™ Training

Making sure that your pet gets properly trained to their new hidden electronic fencing boundaries is critical to making sure your pet stays effectively contained. At Pet Stop of Maryland, we use a revolutionary training technique called GentleSteps™ that greatly reduces stress and allows your pet to learn their new boundaries without the use of traumatic, painful electronic shocks. When combined with Pet Stop's advanced, highly-customizable products, GentleSteps™ allows us to customize your pet's training experience to what best suits their learning needs. We've found that the happier a pet is during training, the faster they learn - by using extremely low levels of correction, positive reinforcement, and tasty treats like roast beef, dog fence training can even be fun for your pet! 

Hidden dog fence training

Hidden Dog Fence Training - Customized for your pet's needs

Anyone who's owned a dog or cat knows that their pets have their own distinct personalities and your pet fencing experts at Pet Stop of Maryland have the experience and expertise to customize your pet's collar settings and training program to what best suits your pet's individual personality. We'll provide the initial on-site training and customize the initial receiver collar settings, but we'll also walk you through the entire training process so that you'll be able to provide reinforcement training. On average, most pets are trained to the fence within 7 to 10 days.