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How Does Underground Hidden Dog Fencing Work?

Hidden Dog Fence Zones

Never heard of underground dog fencing systems? Curious about how they work? At Pet Stop of Maryland, we understand that when you're shopping for a product that can affect your pet's safety, it's important to stay in-the-know. As your local pet fencing experts, we'll walk you through the entire process, from planning your fence layout, to customizing your fence settings, to providing the training for your pet. Of course, we'll also be available after your fence installation if you ever need any pet fencing service or support. We have over a decade's worth of experience in providing hidden pet containment fencing - we're sure to find a containment solution for your dog or cat!

What Goes into a Pet Containment System?

  1. The Boundary Wire

    The boundary wire is usually buried a few inches underground and surrounds the area where your pet is to be contained. This boundary wire carries a unique signal (sent from the signal transmitter) - when your pet gets too close to the wire, the receiver collar around their neck will give them an audible alert to back away. There are three popular boundary wire installation layouts to choose from, but we'll work with you to customize the layout as necessary for both your budget and your property's geography.
  2. The Signal Transmitter

    The signal transmitter is usually installed indoors and close to a power source. This transmitter is responsible for sending a steady, unique signal out along the boundary wire. Designed to withstand most weather conditions and even blackouts, the signal transmitter will also alert you if there's a problem with your boundary wire (such as a wire break, etc.).
  3. The Receiver Collar

    The receiver collar is worn around your pet's neck. When your pet gets too close to the boundary, the receiver will issue an audible alert to warn your pet to back away - if your pet ignores the audible warning, then the receiver may give them a gentle correction. The levels of correction we use are very slight and comparable to a carpet's static shock - we do NOT use painful electric wallops or anything that could harm your pet. 
  4. The Training

    Proper training to the hidden fence is crucial to the effectiveness of your pet containment system. At Pet Stop of Maryland, we use a revolutionary, low-stress training technique that focuses on positive reinforcement and customized settings that best suit your pet's individual personality. This method is less stressful for your pet, allowing them to focus on learning. The end result is a happier, safely contained pet. 

Hidden Underground Dog Fencing Layouts

Below, you can see our most popular dog fencing system layouts.
We can also customize the layouts to what best suits your budget and your property's geographic needs.

Hidden fence layout - PerimeterThe Perimeter Layout

The Perimeter layout is probably our most popular. This layout covers both the back and front yards, allowing your pet the maximum amount of freedom to exercise and play, all while staying safely contained. 

Hidden fence layout - HourglassThe Hourglass Layout

The Hourglass layout encompasses the front yard and the backyard, but pinches off the sides of the property - in order for your pet to move between the two yards, they'll have to go through the house.

Hidden fence layout - Double LoopThe Double Loop Layout

The double loop layout is installed in either the front yard OR backyard. Generally, this layout is used when your property's geography prevents the installation of a full perimeter.