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Electronic Pet Containment Products by Pet Stop®

Pet Stop of Maryland is proud to be able to offer you Pet Stop® Made in the USA dog fencing products. As one of the fastest growing electronic pet containment brands in the US, Pet Stop® is dedicated to continually advancing dog fencing technologies and providing you and your pets with a safer, better product. Our dog fencing products are made with your pet's health and well-being in mind - that's why we're one of the most customizable and pet-friendly containment systems available on the market!

Most of our products come backed with a full lifetime warranty and ALL products come backed with Pet Stop's quality guarantee.
Contact us today to learn more about what kind of dog fencing products are right for your and your pet!

NEW PRODUCT! : Introducing the EcoLite Rechargeable Receiver Collar

The EcoLite rechargeable receiver collar is the latest in Pet Stop® receiver collar engineering - good for the environment, good for your pet, good for you! The EcoLite eliminates the annual waste (and annual cost) of replacement batteries, making it environmentally friendly and budget friendly. If you're thinking of going green, the EcoLite rechargeable receiver collar is an excellent choice! 

  • World's smallest receiver - weighs a mere .78 ounces
  • Worlds' most powerful receiver - great for all breeds
  • Invisible Fence® compatible - can be used with Invisible Fencing® systems
  • LED Light Feature (optional) - keep track of your pet after sunset
  • RECHARGEABLE - environmentally friendly, no more annual battery costs

Featured Hidden Electronic Pet Fencing Systems

UltraTuff - Invisible Fence® compatible

The UltraTuff System

True to its name, the UltraTuff is built to be extra durable and deal with whatever punishment your pet can dish out - with a chew-resistant casing that's 2x thicker than the casing on lesser receiver collar models, this dog fencing receiver really is "tuff"! In addition, the OT-300 is designed to send a steady, unbroken signal, even in harsh weather conditions. 

  • Contains all of the features of the UltraElite Series 2
  • Easy customizable with thousands of possible settings to choose from
  • 2x thick, chew-resistant casing
  • Waterproof
  • Invisible Fence® compatible

UltraElite - Invisible Fence® CompatibleThe UltraElite Series 2 System

The UltraElite Series 2 is an old Pet Stop® staple, highly customizable and specially designed to work with our unique, revolutionary low-stress training technique, GentleSteps™. Containing several user-friendly, advanced features, the UltraElite Series 2 is easily customized to your pet's individual needs.

  • Hundreds of available settings for easy customization
  • FlashAlert™ low battery light lets you know before batteries die
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • TriScan Omni-Directional Antennae
  • Invisible Fence® Compatible

Underground Pet Containment Accessories

Indoor Pet Containment SystemsIndoor Hidden Electronic Pet Containment Systems

Did you think that pet containment was just for outside? Our indoor pet containment system is perfect for maintaining pet-free zones within your home, from entire rooms to pinpointed zones down to just a few square feet - you can use it to keep the dog out of the kitchen or away from the toilet, or even to keep your cat off of specific pieces of furniture. 

  • wireless and wired systems are both available
  • designed to be easily tucked out of sight - won't ruin the look of your interior design
  • works with our outdoor dog fencing system, allowing your pet to come and go as they please
  • easy to read digital display

Universal Trainer RemoteUniversal Trainer Remote

Are you and your pet always on the go? Now you can bring a small piece of your fence with you! Our universal trainer remote is prefect for keeping your pet within bounds - at the park, visiting a friend, on vacation, etc. Wherever your travels take you, you can be confident that the universal trainer remote will help keep your pet safe and within boundaries. 

  • Warning tone quickly alerts pets who are already trained to the fence system
  • One remote can be used to control multiple dogs
  • Range alert lets you know if your pet wanders too far off
  • Use a gentle correction to remind your pet to stay within boundaries