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Electronic Pet Containment Frequently Asked Questions

General Hidden Electronic Dog Fencing System FAQ

Q: Is Pet Stop of Maryland associated with Invisible Fence®, Petsafe®, Dogwatch®, DogGuard® or ANY other underground, electronic pet fencing brand than Pet Stop?

No. Pet Stop of Maryland is your local authorized Pet Stop dealer for Maryland counties Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil. We are not associated with Invisible Fence® or any other underground electronic dog fencing brand, but we can provide independent support for most brands of hidden pet containment. 

Q: How is Pet Stop different from Invisible Fence® and other brands of electronic dog fencing?

Pet Stop® is the only electronic dog fencing brand that is Made in the USA - this means that when you choose Pet Stop® dog fencing products, you're getting a reliable product built to last and designed with your pet's safety and comfort in mind.

Pet Stop® is also the only electronic pet fencing brand to offer the revolutionary GentleSteps™ training method. 

Q: Do you have any pet fencing systems for indoors?

Yes, we do! Our indoor pet fencing system can easily establish pet-free zones within your home, including keeping pets out of entire rooms or pinpointing spaces down to just a few square feet - keep Fido out of the kitchen, or Fluffy off of the sofa!

Q: If I move, can I bring my electronic pet containment system with me?

Yes, you can. The only thing you will need is a new boundary wire installation, once you have arrived at your new location. Contact Pet Stop of Maryland to find a pet stop dealer near you.

Q: Will the corrections used hurt my pet?

Absolutely not. At Pet Stop of Maryland, we love pets and would never recommend a product that could potentially harm your beloved pet. Pet Stop's highly customizable products have allowed us to set very low levels of correct - in fact, the amount of energy used in a correction is comparable to a carpet's static shock. We use just enough energy to startle your pet, but never to hurt.

Hidden Electronic Dog Fence Products FAQ

Q: Will your products work with Invisible Fence® or other hidden electronic dog containment systems?

Yes. Many of our products are designed to be cross-compatible with Invisible Fence® and other dog fencing brands. We also carry Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and Invisible Fence® compatible receiver collars.

Q: I have more than one pet. Can your system handle multiple pets?

Yes, our system can easily be used with multiple pets. Each pet gets their own receiver collar and their own customized settings to fit their individual personalities.

Q: How long do the receiver collar batteries usually last, and how will I know when it's time to change them?

Battery life depends on how often your pet decides to test their boundaries. Most batteries last from 3 months to a year. When the battery life is running low, your receiver collars FlashAlert™ feature will let you know and allow you to change the batteries before they die completely.

Pet Stop's new EcoLite rechargeable receiver collar is environmentally friendly and budget friendly. Ask us today about the new EcoLite RECHARGEABLE receiver collar.

Hidden Electronic Fence Training FAQ

Q: How long will it take for my pet to be trained to the fence?

Every pet has their own personality and learning curve - most pets will be trained to the fence within 7 to 10 days, but some pets may take more time to learn their new boundaries. Pet Stop of Maryland will customize your pet's learning experience to what best suits them, and we'll also be available for follow up training and customer support after the initial training session.

Q: Are there any age, size, or breed limits that my pet must meet before they can be trained to the fencing system?

We do recommend that your pet be at least 8 weeks of age and well-adjusted to their environment before fence training starts. 
There are no size or breed limits - we can train dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes to the fence.