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Invisible Fence® Independent Service &
Pet Stop® Hidden Electronic Pet Fencing Installations

If you live in Maryland counties Baltimore or Harford, and you're looking for a reliable, safe, hidden pet fencing system, you've come to the right place. Pet Stop of Maryland provides professional electronic dog fencing system installations, pet containment products, and pet fencing system service and support throughout Baltimore and Harford counties, MD -  we've also recently expanded into Cecil County, MD

Professional Dog Fencing Products and Expertise - We're your Local Pet Fencing Experts

We've been providing safe, dependable hidden fence systems and products since 1999 - with all that experience, you could say that we're your local pet fencing experts! We can custom design an underground hidden fence system that makes sense for your needs, your pet's needs, and your budget's needs. Whether you're looking for multiple pet containment zones, the exclusions of pools/ponds and gardens, or an indoor pet fencing system to keep your pet off of specific furniture items or out of certain rooms, Pet Stop of Maryland has the experience and expertise to provide a solution. 

We also provide free estimates, a lifetime product warranty, 30 days satisfaction guarantee, and 1 year containment guarantee. We're confident that when you choose a pet fencing system installed by Pet Stop of Maryland, you and your pet will be satisfied! After all, there's a reason why Pet Stop is called:

The Best Fence You'll Never See

Pet Stop® Dog Fencing Systems, Products, and Training - Humane, and Pet Friendly

As your authorized Pet Stop® brand pet fencing dealer, we're proud to provide the pets of Maryland with top-quality hidden electronic pet fencing. All of Pet Stop's products are Made in the USA and are designed with your pet's happiness, comfort, and health in mind. Humane and backed by our manufacturer's unmatched guarantee, when you combine Pet Stop's superior dog fencing products with our revolutionary low-stress training technique, GentleSteps™, it's no wonder that Pet Stop® has a 99.6% successful pet containment rating! 

With Pet Stop's advanced technology and training technique, our hidden dog fencing systems can be custom-programmed to each individual pet's needs, including the amounts of correction used (we don't use painful wallops of electric shock) to the warning time your pet receives when they're approaching the boundary. The beauty of this is that a Pet Stop® hidden fence system can used with multiple pets, with individual customizations set for each pet. These features are one of the reasons why Pet Stop of Maryland is recommended by vets - ask your veterinarian about us today!

Invisible Fence® Independent Service and Trade-In Specials

If you are an Invisible Fence® owner or you're looking to upgrade your Invisible Fence® system to an American Made Pet Stop® dog fencing system, Pet Stop of Maryland has a solution for you! Though we are not associated in any way with Invisible Fence®, we can provide independent support for Invisible Fence® brand systems, as well as most other underground pet fencing systems.

For current Invisible Fence® customers, we do offer Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and Invisible Fencing® compatible receiver collars. We also offer Invisible Fence® trade-in specials - contact Pet Stop of Maryland today to find out pricing on upgrading to a Pet Stop® fencing system!

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Fencing Products Made in the USA

Invisible Fence® compatible products

Reliable Pet Fencing Products Proudly Made in the USA

Pet Stop of Maryland is proud to carry Pet Stop® dog fencing products, the only electronic pet containment system that's made in the USA - built with your pet's safety and health in mind.


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Training Technique

Electronic pet fence training, Maryland

Only Pet Stop® offers the 
GentleSteps™ Training Method

Keep your pet happy, healthy, and safely contained with GentleSteps™, the revolutionary low-stress pet fence training method used exclusively by Pet Stop®. Pets learn faster and are happier with GentleSteps™!


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Expert Pet Fence Customer Support

Hidden Dog Fencing Support

Quality Customer Support by
Local MD Pet Fencing Experts

Help is just a phone call away! Your local pet fencing experts at Pet Stop of Maryland are available to help you with all of your electronic pet fencing needs. Contact us today for outstanding customer service.


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Invisible Fence®
Compatible Products

Invisible Fence® compatible products

Invisible Fence® compatible
batteries and receiver collars

We are not associated with Invisible Fence®, but we do provide Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and Invisible Fence® compatible receivers. Most Pet Stop® products are also Invisible Fence® compatible!